Turn your builder-grade template into a stand-out brand showcase.

Let me take your template from "everyone has it" to "everyone wants it" in less time and with less stress than you thought possible.

Showit Template Cstomization


Don't need fully custom design?

Showit Template Customization
(Words Included)

If you don't have the budget or need for a fully-custom build, I've got you covered. I'll take your template from factory-grade to one-of-a-kind with design tweaks, custom copywriting, and setup/launch support. You'll get a custom look with a semi-custom price tag!

  • Template selection guidance
  • 5 Pages of customization (optimized for desktop and mobile)
  • 5 Pages of custom copywriting
  • SEO optimization: keyword research, meta tags, alt tags, etc.
  • Domain transfer and connection
  • User training videos and launch support

INVESTMENT: $3,500 (payment plans available at no added cost)

Your dream website, crafted in 3 easy steps:


Discovery & Booking

How it works

Book a discovery call to talk specifics and figure out if we're a great fit. If so, I'll send a proposal to pay your deposit and book your project start date!


Copywriting & Revision

You'll fill out a thorough questionnaire all about your brand voice, info, and goals. Then I'll spend one week writing followed by a week of revisions. Copy informs design, so once we have the perfect words, I'll start designing your site!


Web Design & Revision

I spend one week designing followed by a week of revisions. I'll hand over training videos so you know how to use your site moving forwards, and be available for a bonus week of support after we hit "Publish."

"I didn’t want to leave any room for mistakes when my dream client looked at my website. I am now extremely proud of my website and feel it is a direct reflection of my business and mission."

–Dani Canerday, Dani Can Color

Need brand design too?

Logos, color palettes, type suites, oh my!

Brand designers create logo(s), type suites, and color palettes for your brand; which the web designer (that's me) then uses throughout your site. 

I regularly partner with a select few trusted brand designers who offer exclusive partnership pricing and integrate seamlessly into my process. As my client, I'll help you navigate the brand design process and loop them in so we never miss a beat.




Our relationship is sure to blossom if...

You're a creative small business owner who understands the value of strong copy and design and  is ready to invest in your business.

You've been in business at least 6 months to 1 year and have clearly defined offers.

You understand this is a participatory process and the more you give, the better your final deliverables will be.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer web design only?

Nope! I'm a firm believer that professional copywriting is just as important as professional web design and should have equal bearing on a project.

How long do your template customization projects take?

4 Weeks from the project start date, which we will choose on our discovery call.

Who pays for the cost of the template?

You are responsible for the cost of the template. I can make lots of great recommendations for templates to check out!

What is the difference between copywriting and content writing?

There is definitely crossover between the two styles, but also some distinct differences. Copy is aimed at inciting action towards a direct short term goal. Copywriters emulate their client's voice, not their own.

Content writing is about engaging, entertaining, and informing an audience. Think blogs, articles, op-eds, and scripts. Content writers write in their own voice. Copy developed out of advertising, while content developed out of journalism.

What are your prices?

I believe in price transparency online, which is why all my prices are listed above! If you don't see your need above, inquire and I'm happy to chat about it. We can talk in detail about pricing and process on our discovery call. Payment plans are available for all my services.

what Goes into your pricing?

My pricing is based on factors such as:

-My years of experience in the field
-My degree in writing from a top 50 university
-My past client success and current client demand
-Industry averages and standards

do you offer content writing?

In general, no, I don't do caption writing, blog writing, etc. The only caveat would be that my email newsletter writing service does have a decent amount of content writing!

Recent Work


4 years and 100+ clients in, I've got a few projects I'm pretty proud of: