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Intentional ten

Client Challenge: Christina created The Intention Planner, a combination planner and journal to help women re-center themselves each day and prepare for the days and months ahead. 

My Solution: I wrote a sales page for the planner that takes the readers on Christina's journey of mental and physical burn out to alignment, health, and productivity—and helps them realize that they too can find and cultivate the same in their lives!


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Twyla Adkins

Client Challenge: Twyla is a health and wellness content writer who brings a bold, no BS approach to her work. She wants to crack open taboos and talk candidly about the issues we face. She needed a copywriter who just got it and could channel her vibe.

My Solution: I wrote a personality-packed website complete with classy cursing and sass. We didn't shy away from the real, raw work she does—we leaned into it and enhanced it!


Full Website + Product Copy

Client Challenge: Heidi is the founder of Boheme Sauvage, an all-natural line of hair and body products rooted in the ritualistic power of nature.

My Solution: I wrote the website copy and the product copy (the words on the actual bottles/packages). On the "Ritual" page, I took the reader through the 5 step daily ritual Heidi created to go with her products to promote restoration and heaing.


Boheme Sauvage

Full Website

Client Challenge: Traci Lee is a yoga instructor, business woman, and planner for yoga-inspired retreats and events across the globe. She needed a website that brings together all her passions and compels people to take action towards working with her.

My Solution: I wrote a comprehensive one-page website that guides the reader through Traci's story, the benefits of developing a yoga practice, how to engage with her and her work, and more! Traci can't wait to grow her business with a clear, concise website. 


Traci Lee yoga